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Jack Johnson
In Between Dreams

The Shins
Chutes Too Narrow


Iron & Wine
Our Endless Numbered Days


Pervert [userpic]

It's amazing how long a summer can be when you don't have a job. Why did the circus have to go away. I was having such fun working for the circus. I could have followed them up to Vancouver and... not made money since I'm not Canadian and don't want to cancel my study permist for a work permit. Bleh. Well, I baked a blueberry pie and the crust is delicious. Of course I had my father for moral support, so we shall see how it goes when I'm on my own again. And yes, making a good crust is stressful. Don't argue.

This is where I'm gonna post some cute kid pictures of me, cause I'm such a follower. Go to the zoo?Collapse )
feeling: chippersqueaky clean
hearing: The Beatles - Honey Pie

Pervert [userpic]
Beaching and things
Went to the beach today with a buch of animators. It was quite the adventure. Got a little sunburnt, a little wet and a lot of sand in my hair. I passed my camera around the group at one point and the resulting pictures look like some sort of mysterious photo essay. Especially Winston. Only click if you're prepared to see me looking like a disturbed woman from national geographic.Collapse )
feeling: hotsunburnt
hearing: Iron and Wine - Teeth in the Grass

Pervert [userpic]

It's amazing what four hours of sleep and a good clean face can do for your mood. And breakfast. Only not breakfast. A glass of juice because I have no breakfasty food left in my apartment.I'll be taking care of that today though. JOY!

So I guess I'll do that meme thingy... the one about ways to bribe me. Yeah. Very important- take notes.Collapse )

Yeah. I went home over the weekend to see the occupational therapist. Apparently I need to sit with better posture or some such nonsense. Note that if you could see me right now- ok, well 15 minutes ago before I rememebred the back pain and wrist pain and general discomfort- I would have been sitting corssleggeg, slouched, with my keyboard about half a foot away from me. I'm trying, ok! Cut me a little slack. *sigh* And now it's time for 6 hours of class. Pray that I get out early.
feeling: draineddrained
hearing: The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

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