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Jack Johnson
In Between Dreams

The Shins
Chutes Too Narrow


Iron & Wine
Our Endless Numbered Days


Pervert [userpic]

It's amazing how long a summer can be when you don't have a job. Why did the circus have to go away. I was having such fun working for the circus. I could have followed them up to Vancouver and... not made money since I'm not Canadian and don't want to cancel my study permist for a work permit. Bleh. Well, I baked a blueberry pie and the crust is delicious. Of course I had my father for moral support, so we shall see how it goes when I'm on my own again. And yes, making a good crust is stressful. Don't argue.

This is where I'm gonna post some cute kid pictures of me, cause I'm such a follower.

This one was in first grad when my class went to the zoo. Before we could go, we obviously had to make those cute little zoo animal t-shirts. I'm on the left, then there's my friends Tabby and Catlin, some girl I can't remember and facing away from the camera is Minnie Mau. She was born on a leap year.

This was Kindergarten, on a similar field trip only to Nut Tree, which I believe no longer exists. Me and my best buddy Ryan sat together on the miniature train. If you can't tell who's who, well I'm not helping you on this one.
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hearing: The Beatles - Honey Pie


Yeah, he was pretty reasonably upset to see that my mother had a camera. She takes way too many pictures for anyone's good.